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Photogrammetric mapping services are used in many industries to measure and map the environment. These photogrammetric mapping services can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including finding areas that may need more attention, like natural resources or disaster zones. LA LiDAR photogrammetry is one of the best photogrammetry companies in Los Angeles, California many years of experience providing photogrammetric mapping solutions to various businesses worldwide. Call us at (323) 366-3538.

About LA LiDAR

LA LiDAR is a leading provider of 3-dimensional laser scanning and mapping services for the built environment. We use this technology to create detailed digital representations of clients’ buildings, making it possible to see their property like they never have before. Our team can capture any structure in its entirety with the utmost accuracy, providing our clients with unmatched knowledge about their commercial or residential space. With LA LiDAR’s advanced technology, there are no boundaries as we map both indoors and outdoors using state-of-the-art equipment that delivers unparalleled quality data. We offer a wide range of capabilities, including site planning and design studies, asset management audits, engineering surveys, stormwater modeling, and more – all backed by a dedicated customer support team who is always available to answer any questions.

LA LiDAR is proud of its photogrammetric mapping services in Los Angeles, CA, and would be happy to provide you with a free consultation for all your photogrammetry needs! Our company also offers LiDAR, terrestrial and mobile scanning, drone mapping, land surveying, and topological mapping.

Photogrammetric Mapping – Getting Started

Photogrammetric mapping is the process of mapping urban areas by using aerial photography. It is a very powerful tool for Los Angeles homeowners to understand what changes have occurred around their property and how they’re going to impact it. This article discusses this new technology and its importance for all LA residents. 

The history of photogrammetry dates back to 1839 when French scientist Etienne Jules Marey created an early form of 3D imaging called stereo cards that captured images from different angles on one card so viewers could see them as moving pictures or stereoscopic views with depth perception. The first map was created in 1859 by Jacques Daguerre, who invented the daguerreotype camera, which produced sharper and clearer images.

In photogrammetry, a camera is positioned to capture an image of the object from multiple angles. Those photos are then used to create a composite photo that technicians can measure for accurate measurements. The photogrammetric process has been popularized by Google Maps satellite imagery introduced in 2005 as a mapping service.

Today, various industries use photogrammetric mapping, including environmental, engineering, and construction, for surveying maps. Photographic photogrammetry can be done using still or moving images and satellites in space from which digital terrain models can also be created. 

Photogrammetric photograms measure and map the environment for many purposes, including finding areas that may need additional attention, such as natural resources or disaster zones. LA LiDAR is one of the best photogrammetry companies in Los Angeles, CA, with many years of experience providing photogrammetric mapping solutions to various businesses worldwide.

Why Use Photogrammetry Over Other Mapping Techniques

Photogrammetry is a mapping technique that uses photographs and satellite images to create 3-D models of objects. The process has been around for decades, but only recently has it become more popular in the last few years as new software, cameras, and drones have improved its efficiency. One advantage photogrammetry offers over other mapping techniques is capturing much larger areas than traditional methods such as laser scanning. Drones can also fly closer to buildings which means they can get higher resolution images of structures from angles not possible with satellites or helicopters. Photogrammetry provides homeowners with valuable information about their property, including height accuracy, location, elevation changes, and structural details like rooflines, allowing them to make more informed decisions when designing renovations or additions on their property.

Applications of Photogrammetric Mapping

Photogrammetry mapping is a powerful technology that can create 3D models of buildings, landscapes, and other objects. It has been around for decades, but it has become more accessible and affordable to the public only recently. The photogrammetric process involves taking pictures from different angles to capture an object’s dimensions in three-dimensional space. Objects are then reconstructed by moving images through virtual reality software programs like Autodesk ReMake or SketchUp Pro into a 3D model with textures applied.  Photogrammetry mapping is not limited to just still photos; video footage can also be captured using 360° panoramic cameras, allowing viewers to explore the environment from every angle imaginable (IMAX VR). The potential applications for photogrammetry mapping are limitless and can be used for many purposes, including surveying, animation film-making, virtual reality content creation, or even video game design.

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