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Do you need topological mapping services in Los Angeles, California? If so, we are the top company to call. We have top-quality equipment and years of experience completing topographic mapping projects. Our goal is not just to do an excellent job on your project but to exceed your expectations with our fast turnaround time and competitive pricing. Call us today at (323) 366-3538 for more information!

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LA LiDAR is a company specializing in topological mapping services in Los Angeles County. Our services are considered the top services in Los Angeles County by many of our clients. We also provide land surveying, LiDAR, drone mapping, surveyor company, terrestrial and mobile scanning, and photogrammetric mapping. If you need topological mapping, LA LiDAR is the company for you! Call us at (323) 366-3538.

Los Angeles Topological Mapping

Topological mapping is a tool that has been used since the 1930s to analyze cities. It helps identify and understand different neighborhoods, as well as pinpointing where various problems may be found. The data collected by these maps can then help community leaders make decisions about how best to address those issues.

Topological mapping reveals not only what’s happening in an area of town but also provides insight into why it’s happening. For example, suppose there are more liquor stores than grocery stores in a specific neighborhood. In that case, this will likely tell us something about the economic status of that neighborhood — because people who live near those types of establishments have less money for food shopping and might rely on public assistance programs like SNAP or WIC to provide for their families.

At LA LiDAR in Los Angeles, CA, we take topology and map it out on a two-dimensional surface. This process can be used to produce maps that are useful for many different purposes: street maps show us where roads go; topographic maps give us information about the shape and height of landmasses; site maps show us where buildings are located.

Topological Mapping Process

The topological mapping process begins with a survey of the area that’s going to be mapped. This is usually done using surveys or other tools like GPS and lasers, which detail what streets look like and how they intersect one another on the ground level. Topographic data collected from airplanes or satellites help to paint a topographical picture of the ground, and satellite imagery can show us where buildings are located.

In addition to surveying an area on its surface, topology also deals with mapping what exists below it: water levels; underground utility lines (electricity, gas); and faults in the earth’s crust that might reveal themselves as earthquakes or landslides.

We offer topological mapping services to both residential and commercial clients and the government sector. We are an established company with top-quality equipment, specializing in topographic mapping projects of land areas or structures, including topographical maps, site maps, surveyor company, and photogrammetric mapping.

Topological Mapping Vs. Topographical Mapping

Topological mapping and topographical mapping are two different types of maps. Topographic maps show terrain, elevation changes, water features, vegetation, and other details that comprise the environment. The map is usually drawn to scale with contour lines representing hills and valleys in a three-dimensional view. A topological map uses mathematical concepts such as nodes or vertices connected by edges or arcs to illustrate connections between points on the surface of an object (such as Earth). These graphs can be used for routing purposes, determining the shortest path from one point to another. 

A common misconception is that topology does not account for elevations or geographical features; however, it is possible to include these aspects into a graph if they are needed for navigation purposes. There are topological maps that specifically refer to topography, such as topographical relief. Also known as a hill-shaded map, this type of topographic mapping paints an accurate portrait of the terrain’s surface and most common contours with color shades from light green for lowland areas (or depressions) to dark brown or black for mountain peaks. Topographical maps help people plan projects that involve topography by providing a three-dimensional view of an area’s landscape.

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