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If you are looking for LiDAR services in Los Angeles, California, LiDAR Services of LA LiDAR is the company to call! We are one of the most experienced providers of LiDAR service in Southern California. Our LiDAR technicians have extensive experience with a wide variety of laser measurement systems and other 3-dimensional scanning devices. From surveying dense urban areas to measuring agriculture fields, we can provide you with a complete range of LiDAR solutions. Give us a call today at (323) 366-3538 for more information on our services or to request an estimate!

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LiDAR is a 3-D mapping technology that can be used to create high-resolution digital terrain models. These are accurate representations of the shape and size of the Earth’s surface, which include footprints for buildings, trees, and other manmade structures. LiDAR data is typically captured by aircraft or satellites as they fly over an area. With this information, homeowners can see what their property looks like from above to better plan landscaping projects or renovations. The images also give them a sense of how much sunlight will reach their house during different times of the year because it shows where shadows fall on any given day at any time of day. By overlaying these maps with different types of properties (such as single-family homes), multifamily dwellings, or commercial buildings) LiDAR data can also be used to estimate property values. LiDAR is a key part of the smart city movement because it provides planners with valuable information about traffic patterns and parking needs without costing them any money to collect that data.

Land Surveying

Land surveying is the process of measuring and interpreting natural features on land. Land surveyors use a variety of tools to measure properties for legal purposes, such as establishing boundary lines or determining where buildings can be built. They also take measurements for engineering projects and environmental work. If you’re an LA homeowner who needs help with their property, contact us today! 

Photogrammetric Mapping

Photogrammetric mapping is a type of 3D mapping that uses aerial photographs to produce detailed topographic maps. This type of mapping has been around for decades, but it’s only recently become more accessible and affordable thanks to advances in technology. It can be used by homeowners with limited funds who are interested in surveying their property, or by professionals as part of an overall site investigation process.

Drone Mapping

A new technology, drone mapping is revolutionizing the way we see Los Angeles. This technology allows us to capture aerial footage of our properties and create a 3D map for a better understanding of the layout of our property. Drone mapping has many benefits including: faster than traditional surveying methods; cost-effective and accurate; provides more information about your property with an aerial view, which you cannot get on foot or by car. Drone Mapping is quickly becoming one of the most popular technologies in real estate today. 

Topological Mapping

Topological mapping is a process that allows you to visualize the space in your home and identify where improvements can be made. In some cases, it may even show you how changes like furniture layout or appliance placement could make your living area more functional. Armed with this knowledge, homeowners can make informed decisions about what their next steps should be for improving the quality of their life at home.

Surveyor Company

A surveyor company is a must-have in today’s world where homeownership can be challenging. Surveyors can assess properties and provide homeowners with the information they need to make the best decisions about their property. With Southern California being one of the most expensive areas for housing, you must get all available information before deciding on buying or selling your property. If you’re looking for a professional who can help with this process, contact us!

Terrestrial and Mobile Scanning

New technology is now being used to find properties in Los Angeles that are ideal for purchasing. Terrestrial and Mobile scanning technology can be utilized to find properties with high property values, so you will know if it’s worth investing in the purchase of a home. This new tool is an affordable way to get on top of your real estate needs and has been shown to save time and money when searching for a property.

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We want to make sure you’re informed and educated on LiDAR, photogrammetric mapping, drone mapping, and other services. If we can help with any of these services in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas, contact LA LiDAR today! Call (323) 366-3538.

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